The Polar Express™

So, our Christmas officially started when we visited The Polar Express train ride at the Mid Norfolk Railway in Dereham, Norfolk on the 10th December.

It was the first time we had done this and had seen the reviews were great. Charlie & I had matching Grinch PJ’s which I got here from Amazon.

We had so much fun. From the moment we arrived the staff were so friendly & welcoming. When you first checked in, they gave you your seat numbers & the name of the section you were sitting in, we were in Cupid.

It was chilly outside, but where we sat to watch the preshow inside the marquee was lovely and warm. The actors were amazing and really got everyone involved.

Once you’ve heard the famous “All Aboooard” , scenes from the film come to life as dancing Chefs and Waiters arrive to serve cookies and hot chocolate. The children are invited to engage these exciting characters who are eager to hear from the youngsters about what makes the Christmas season special to them (extract taken from the website)

We both loved getting our first gift of Christmas – the sliver bell from Santa’s sleigh and it only rings for those who truly believe & both myself & Charlie heard it.

Although it was completely sold out, it really didn’t feel busy and people were boarded on to the train quickly & efficiently. The conductor & Chef’s in our train compartment really made sure that they interacted with all the children and really made them feel so special.

I would definitely go back next year and I believe they’ll open up bookings around March 2023. But be sure to follow them on all socials for updates & sign up to their mailing list here.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For the Mid Norfolk Railway website click here & for The Polar Express Website click here.

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