Mallows Beauty Brand Ambassador

Now, I am a sucker for all things bath bombs & smellies. I was scrolling through the world that is TikTok one evening (funnily enough when I was in the bath!!) and came across a live from Mallow’s Beauty. I had come across a couple of their videos, so thought would watch for a while. I decided to order and give them a go.

Delivery was super quick and packaging great (see photos below). I went onto their website and found out that you could sign up to become a brand ambassador. It’s free to sign up and you just post about the things you order and share your tracking link and you can order a discount code unique to you also which gives anyone that wants to buy through you 10% off their entire order and the code can be used as many times as possible. The discount code only lasts for a short while, so you have to remember to keep checking back to make sure that you create a new one! The tracking link you can share with friends, family and on socials and you get 5% commission on all sales.

I’ve also added them to my Gift Guide page too

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