Paradise Wildlife Park

Back at Paradise! We’re so lucky to only live about 20 minutes from Paradise Wildlife Park and I only decided the day before that we would go and visit yesterday (BH Monday) as an end of the Easter Holidays Treat. I knew as the weather was going to be good and being a BH, it would be busy. So, we headed there for lunch time and went straight for the new Bamboo Kitchen over in the Land of the Tigers and boy, it did not disappoint. Both myself and Charlie love noodles and wanted to give it a try – we thought they were delicious. Also, we found it much quieter than the main café and could enjoy watching the Tigers whilst eating our lunch. I found that after lunch time the park did start getting quieter as people that had arrived in the morning started to leave.

After we had lunch, we enjoyed walking round and seeing all the animals again (see more photos below). We have annual passes and each time you visit you get one round of mini golf per pass and also a ride on the Rex Express, so we finished our day by doing both of these) We can’t wait to visit again soon.

The history of Paradise Wildlife Park:

The Beginning

Unfortunately a day out at Broxbourne Zoo was remembered for very different reasons to those attributed to a day out at Paradise Wildlife Park. The zoo was notorious for poor animal facilities and by the early 1980s was widely regarded and documented as the worst zoo in Britain. Thankfully, the Sampson family saw through the terrible reputation of Broxbourne Zoo when they purchased the site on the 1st April 1984. They could see the potential of the area for creating a Zoo the country could be proud of, with conservation and preservation of both rare and endangered animal species at its heart. With the Sampson’s drive and passion for wildlife, the unbelievable transformation had begun……

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