Brunch With Santa at the Dusty Miller, Harlow

This morning we went to the Dusty Miller, Harlow for Brunch with Santa and boy, it didn’t disappoint.

They staggered the times people were to come in, so we got there at 1015. We were shown to our table and were given our juices – we had the choice between Apple or Orange and also I ordered my much needed coffee.

We then chose what to eat, see the menus with our choices

Charlie chose the Waffles with Strawberries and Banana’s and I chose the Roasted Portabello Mushrooms.

Each table had a little box with bits in to make a Christmas tree decoration which Charlie loved.

By the time we’d eaten and he’d made his decoration and I’d had my second cup of coffee, it was Charlie’s turn to see the big man! Santa was great and really engaging, chatty and made Charlie laugh. I forgot to take a picture of the present that he got, but it was a set to make a mechanical digger. Would definitely recommend going next year if they do it again

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