Afternoon Tea – Tewin Bury Farm Hotel

Yesterday (26/09/21) myself & Charlie went to Tewin Bury Farm Hotel for Afternoon Tea. It was bought for us as a Christmas present.

As you drive in, you are welcomed with very pretty surroundings. It’s in the countryside and nice and quiet. We parked in the first carpark on the right, but if you keep going to the main building and head left, there is a another car park around the back too.

Our tea was in The Cowshed – the restaurant’s name derives from its original purpose; the farm’s cow shed, where the herd of cattle lived. 

Photo taken from Tewn’s Facebook page

As we walked in, I was very impressed with what we were greeted with. The restaurant was clean, modern & comfortable. The member of staff that saw us to our table was lovely and very helpful with the information and happy to answer questions. We were seen too very quickly and our food and drinks came out promptly. It’s probably one of the nicest Afternoon Teas we’ve had. (You’ll see from the rest of the photos below that they do a children’s menu as well)

You’re even given a “Tea Timer” so you know when to pour the tea according to the strength you like!

After we were done, we went for a little walk on our way back to our car and met some Signets and some Sheep. I would highly recommend eating there if you are in the area.

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