We’re Back – Chessington 18th April

It was a busy first weekend back in the parks for us. After heading to Legoland on Saturday, we went to Chessington on Sunday.

We arrived at around 1030 AM and managed to park in the lower carpark near to the hotel’s, it was only about half full, so it’s worth trying to park in there if you can as most people seemed to be turning into the main theme park car parks.

We headed into the park where you’re greeted ready for your temp check and the signs advising you about the current COVID safety precautions.

We went straight to the Mexicana area to pick up some fast track tickets and then headed straight to our must go to ride each time we visit, The Vampire Ride!!

We then headed over to go onto the brand new ride Croc Drop, it was having teething issues, but that’s to be expected being a brand new ride, but we got into the fast track queue anyway and it was back up and running pretty quick. The staff were great on that ride and the theming awesome, plus the ride was great too.

We also managed to get on Cobra, the Blue Barnacle and a couple of the other smaller rides.

Like Legoland, the queue’s for the food started to get busy at around 1130 ish, so again I would suggest either taking a picnic or getting an early / late lunch. Saying that, once we’d done Cobra, we headed to Dirty Fries where there wasn’t a queue at all, so maybe worth doing that if you don’t mind that sort of thing.

We then just had a wander round the Lorikeets, although you can’t currently feed them! We then had a wander round the Yoohoo Children’s zoo, our fave animals there were the Pygmy Marmosets

If you’re heading to Legoland on one day and travelling quite far, click on the image below to book your stay, then head to Chessington on the second day

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