Day One Half Term Fun 25th October 2020

So, today is the start of our half term fun.

I had booked a while ago for us to come to Thorpe Park for the Luna Drive-In Cinema to see Goosebumps with Charlie.

But unfortunately today at around 230 I received a text from See Tickets advising they had to cancel the showing due to waterlogged ground. I’m not surprised, since there were some rather large puddles in the normal TP carpark!!

I had booked to stay in the Shark Hotel at Thorpe Park anyway, so we made the most of what we had left of our day here. We managed a few rides today, including our first time on rush thanks to a lovely couple who gave us two fast track tickets for it. OMG, it was scary, but loved it at the same time.

We were planning on getting dinner at the drive in, so ended up eating in the Infinity Bar & grill. We had sat down at 530, ordered and had just received our drinks when the fire alarm went off. Charlie is a bit of a worrier and started crying. Whilst waiting outside the doors to the dome, the staff noticed he was upset and were so kind and made a fuss of him and helped calm him down, one of the guys even managed to make him laugh. After about 15 mins, we went back in and had our dinner.

We decided to have a wander round the park and do the flying fish again (having done it twice in the daylight already!) we loved it just as much in the dark. We wandered round, grabbed some ice cream for our dessert and then headed back to the hotel. On our way back, we bumped into one of the kind members of staff who stopped and had a chat with us again. I can’t fault the staff here. They are so lovely.

Even though Charlie isn’t tall enough to do all the rides yet, we still have so much fun

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