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I wanted to make wearing face masks fun for Charlie, so I had an idea of getting a couple made for Lollipop and Giraffy. I contacted a shop called Pine39 where I bought one of my face masks from via their Etsy Shop. They went away and worked some magic and came back with these awesome masks

As you can see, the attention detail, even down to the packaging is awesome.

They not only make facemasks, they also make travel document holders, Disney Ears, Disney Park accessories etc.

If you currently aren’t able to buy anything, there are other ways you can support them. The main way is by following them on social media, liking, sharing, commenting & saving (on Insta) posts. By doing these things will get their channels seen by a wider audience and by you doing these things, may result in one or two more sales. It’s coming up to Christmas and it’s my mission to get out and help as many of the small independent businesses, rather than the larger corporations. 

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Fun Facts!

In 1848, the mask made by American Lewis Hassley for miners obtained the first patent for a protective mask, which was a milestone in the history of face masks. … For example, a French doctor created a mask made of six layers of gauze and sewed it on the collar of a surgical gown in 1899

1918 Spanish Flu: As the influenza pandemic swept across the United States in 1918 and 1919, masks took a role in political and cultural wars. The masks were called muzzles, germ shields and dirt traps. They gave people a “pig-like snout.” Some people snipped holes in their masks to smoke cigars. Others fastened them to dogs in mockery

This photo was taken from an article written for auburnpub.com Randall: The 1918 flu pandemic vs. COVID-19

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