I find snails weirdly fascinating! Charlie can up to me yesterday (14th August) all excited. “Mummy Mummy, I’ve found two snails”

I was in the middle of mucking out the ponies stables, so I suggest to run over to see if granny had an old Tupperware box. Ten mins later, he came back with one filled with grass, sticks, stones & a small chopped up tomato in it and a hole in the lid.

Did you know:

✅Snail is a common name for gastropod molluscs that can be split into three groups, land snails, sea snails and freshwater snails

✅They’re related to shellfish

✅The majority of snails are herbivores eating vegetation such as leaves, stems and flowers, some larger species and marine based species can be predatory omnivores or even carnivores.

✅Common garden snails have a top speed of 45 m (50 yards) per hour. Making the snail one of the slowest creatures on Earth.

✅They live everywhere on earth: There may be as many 150,000 speciesof gastropods, and they live in almost all habitats, from deep ocean trenches to deserts.

Take a look at The Activity Village website for some fun snail related activities

Credit to Science Kids & for the fun facts.

(Just to add, we won’t keep them long, we will release them back again)

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