Merlin Fun – Legoland

Just to update from last Saturday, July 11th 2020 before I do this weekend.

Last Saturday after we checked out of Thorpe Park, we headed to Legoland .

In the current situation we have to prebook our tickets for the parks as they are not currently running at full capacity, so we did that a few days before.

For people with Merlin Annual Passes you still have to prebook (for £1) and they won’t let you in without those tickets.

On arrival you have to show your tickets and get your temperature 🤒 checked and then you’re given wrist bands to say it’s been done.

We are lucky with our passes as we have instant ride access to all rides, but I did have a look at queue times though. We managed to do Mia’s riding school three times, but the normal queue had a 60 minute wait time. We also did Coastguard HQ twice, the balloon school and the Legoland express.

Coastguard HQ & the driving school had their queue’s closed off at one point to allow the queues to go down.

Food wise – the burger kitchen, pizza pasta, farmer joe’s and a couple of the drinks / hot dog stands were open. We had a hot dog and the queue wasn’t too bad for that, they were slightly longer for the restaurants.

There was plenty of social distancing markers around the park and in the queue lines plus plenty of hand sanitiser, you had to do that at the start of the queue lines and then again when you got off the rides.

Staff were spraying the rides with a cleaning solution at regular intervals and then doing a proper clean approximately every half an hour.

All in all, we were very impressed with how Legoland are coping, they are certainly doing their best

We didn’t stay all day as we were worn out by early afternoon, but can’t wait to be back soon. I only took one photo on the day this time as we were having so much fun. Next blog post will be about our trip to Warwick Castle

Just remember, Stay Strong, Stay Safe and be Kind

Lizzie, Charlie, Lollipop & Friends

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