Merlin Fun – Thorpe Park

What a fun couple of days we have had. We’ve been back having fun with our Merlin Annual Passes

On Friday (10th July), we went to Thorpe Park and had a fab time. On the whole, we didn’t see any issues with the social distancing. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and having a great time & all the staff seemed happy and were very helpful. They were great at giving people a nudge to sanitise their hands before & after the rides and reminding people to put on face masks whilst on the rides.

We got on all the rides we wanted, with the longest queue being the flying fish at five mins. Charlie isn’t quite 1.4 yet, so we didn’t do any of the big rides, but the longest queue was colossus, at one point when I checked the app, it was at 💯 minutes!

We stayed in one of the Shark Cabins on the Friday night. We had won a free nights stay last year at a Merlin’s Magic Wand event at Chessington World of Adventures.

Check in was easy, you had one staff member at the top of the path asking you to wait until the area outside the reception was a bit clearer, when it was he then sent you down to wait outside. They had two people on the check in desk and only once one person had come out, you then went in. The actual check in process took all of about two minutes, and they gave you a paper bag with your teas, coffees & shower stuff in. If you needed more, you could just ask for more if you wanted. I was very impressed with the whole process.

We had a relax in our room, both had showers and then headed back into the dome for dinner at the re themed Infinity Bar and Kitchen. You get shown to your table & they ask you not to go up to the bar to order or get your own drinks, you get assigned a waiter / waitress for the duration of your meal and he or she gets you want you want. All the staff were very friendly, quick service and the food was yummy.

The next morning we went back in for breakfast. Again, you get shown to your table and you get looked after by one person again, he or she will get the drinks for you. It is still all you can eat buffet, but the chef serves the food up for you. If you would like more, then your waiter / waitress will go up and get it for you.

All in all, We had a great time and would definitely be back again soon

Just remember, Stay Strong, Stay Safe and be Kind

Lizzie, Charlie, Lollipop & Friends

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