Photo Diary May 19th 2020

So, the photo diary is a bit out of order!! But here are our photos from the 19th May.

When it was announced we were allowed to travel a bit further for our daily exercise, we headed over to Greenacres Epping Forest Woodland Burial Park to meet Charlie’s other grandparents for a walk.

I have briefly talked about this in the past, but we lost Simon, my (Mummy) husband / Charlie’s daddy a few years ago and this is where he is. As you can tell from the pictures below, it is such a beautiful place and perfect for Simon as he just loved being outdoors and loved all types of nature.

He also loved planes and this is very close to North Weald Airfield and the planes quite regularly fly over.

I’ll leave you to enjoy the photos.

Just remember, Stay Strong, Stay Safe and be Kind

Lizzie, Charlie, Lollipop & Friends

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