Photo Diary May 31st 2020

Its been a while since I uploaded anything, but here goes!! I have a few days to catch up on where we have been out for walks, but thought I would work back from today.

So, today we headed over to Cammas Hall Fruit Farm. Due to the ongoing pandemic, you currently have to Prebook tickets which is a simple process and I only booked ours yesterday (Saturday).

We arrived a little early for our time slot, so popped into the farm shop to buy takeaway drinks and sausage rolls, do you like our face masks we wore to go into the shop?

Cammas Hall

Mine’s Harry Potter themed and Charlie’s is Toy Story 4 Themed. I (mummy) bought them from Town Square Studios this is her Etsy shop. She is also on Instagram too.

Anyway, back to the strawberry picking! It was very well organised. We went up to the table, which was to the right of the shop & showed the staff members our tickets. They explained how the whole process worked and gave us our baskets.Cammas Hall 1

We then had to follow a one way path to the hand sanitiser station, do our hands, then continue on the path, round the corner to the next lady. She then showed us which row to go down, again only one way. They had quite a few rows open and when we joined our row, the other family were nearly at the end, so no worries about bumping into others. When we got to the end, we were then continued along the one way path back to the shop.

All in all we found the whole experience very well run, didn’t feel rushed at all and will definitely be going back again soon

Just remember, Stay Strong, Stay Safe and be Kind

Lizzie, Charlie, Lollipop & Friends

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