Photo Diary April 26th 2020

One thing I am setting myself (mummy) is to practise my photography around my parents garden. They are lucky to have such a lovely garden, different trees, plants & lots of different wildlife

The weather today has been glorious, really warm  – at one point, too warm in the sun, the chicken in in these photo’s is Ginger, she’s the only one that would stay still long enough for me!!

I will also be adding up to date news from Newsround each day too

ABCGinger AGinger B

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ready to go back to work

boris-johnson-standing-next-to-fenceGETTY IMAGES

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is returning to work on Monday after he has spent three weeks unwell with coronavirus.

On 5 April, the prime minister was taken into hospital after his symptoms got worse.

Doctors were worried for his health so he was moved to an intensive care unit.

Thankfully, a week later he improved a lot and was allowed to leave the hospital.


News taken from BBC’s Newsround

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