Thursday 2nd April 2020

We’re heading towards the end of the second week now and nearer to Easter Break, although Charlie has said he wants to still do a little bit of school work, i’m not going to push it as much.

So, the morning routine was the same, we got up, got ready and had breakfast. We then got Charlie set up for his school work whilst I went out and sorted the ponies out.

It was then lunchtime, after lunch Charlie went out and made an awesome box fort, he says it’s inspired by Roblox see if you can spot Lollipop in one of the photos

And here is Charlie helping feed Joe the pony

I would love to see in the comments what you have been up too, if any of your kids have been making anything interesting then please email me and I would love to share on my Insta page – (if you do send anything and you are on Insta, then please let me know who you are so I can credit you)

News Headlines from the 2nd April – credit to The Guardian for the news



Just remember, Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Be Kind

Lizzie, Charlie and Lollipop

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