Tuesday 31st March 2020

(photo for attention, these two are Ginger and Scarlet, Granny’s Chickens)
I’ve been a bit slack over the last few days updating the daily diary.
Today we just had a “normal” kind of day, well the new normal we are slowly getting used too, I don’t really have much to update to be honest.
Charlie did his school work in the morning, we try and do three twenty minute blocks with a short break in between. Then he has a break, normally something outdoors and lunch.
Monday to Friday at 3PM each day, he has a Zoom call with his cousin in Austin, Texas and also his Granny’s cousin’s grandchildren (so his distant cousin’s!) they have been having a story time session where they all take it in turns to read each other a story.
Then at 4:30 each day, they all go back onto Zoom again and have an Art lesson with Granny – I think she should start making her own videos – Art with Granny Patty, but she doesn’t want to do that!
Anyway, that’s it for this post, on to update the next one shortly
News Headlines from the 31st (credit to the Guardian)
I would love to see in the comments what you have been up too, if any of your kids have been making anything interesting then please email me on lollipop@lollipopthebear.com and I would love to share on my Insta page – (if you do send anything and you are on Insta, then please let me know who you are so I can credit you)

Just remember, Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Be Kind

Lizzie, Charlie and Lollipop



  1. I suppose everyone is having this ‘new normal’, as you say. It is a time to adjust and cope, maybe reflect a little. Slowing down can be jarring at first, but it can be useful, too. For us, we cook and bake more, and we started this blog at the start of the community quarantine here. So not too bad. Stay safe and healthy!

    • We have been doing more baking, well Charlie and his granny has been. She’s been getting him to do the weighing and measuring and it’s a fun way for him to do some maths at the same time. Stay safe too

      • Very good idea. I suppose it is harder for children to be locked in and keeping them entertained is on the to-do list of every parent.

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