Friday 20th March 2020

So, I am starting our diary entries from last Friday, the 20th March 2020.

Following on from the announcement on the Thursday evening, I dropped Charlie off at school, I then went round to help with the PTA mothers day stall as we felt we wanted to keep the last bit of normality for the kids before they finished school, they all had fun choosing their present’s for their mums. I had to turn around when it was Charlie’s turn!! He loved having me their and every time he saw me, he gave me a wave and a smile.

The whole day felt so surreal and sad, not knowing whether when we went to pick up at 3:20 if that would be the last time we would see the school gates until the new school year. We felt sad for the kids, when would they all see each other again? We have promised that they can all FaceTime each other whilst they’re off.

That evening I had Charlie in tears, he was sobbing his heart out as he couldn’t go and visit Legoland during the Easter holidays. I have promised that as soon as it’s open again, we will be straight there, I will even book to stay over as a surprise.

Just remember Stay Strong, Stay Safe & Be Kind

Take Care

Charlie, Lizzie & Lollipop

(photo from us & our little gang at the Legoland VIP NYE Party)


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