We’re Back!!

Sorry we have been quite over the last couple of months, but we’re back and ready for the new Merlin Year of Fun!

Since our last blog post, we’ve been to Alton Towers for mum’s birthday at the beginning of November for Scarefest which was SO much fun (we even managed to get Charlie’s Granny and Pappy to come with us!) Charlie was so happy as we managed to ride Wickerman, not once, but twice!! So he can now tick that off his bucket list of things to do!!

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We then went to visit the Big Man (Santa) at Legoland and yet again, had so much fun that day, as it was a ticket only event, the park seemed much quieter than normal and the longest we had to queue for any of the rides was about five minutes. The only thing I would say is that when you go to join the queue for your time slot for Santa, take some snacks or something to keep the kids entertained, it takes about half an hour to get to see Santa, but once you are there, the elves and Santa are fantastic. (see if you can spot Lollipop in some of these photos)

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Our next adventure was going away to Tulum in Mexico at Christmas with our family, we stayed at Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa & would highly recommend. The staff were friendly & very helpful, both Charlie and his cousin had so much fun and neither of them went hungry, there was plenty of choice of food in the cafe’s & restaurants on site. We even made some new friends whilst we were there (Charlie would have loved to have brought a couple of them home!)

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Lastly, we ended 2019 at our Happy place, Legoland by attending their New Years Eve Party. We had so much fun, we went to the VIP event for this, and it was awesome, the food was great. The staff put on a quiz night and a couple of them took some of the kids off to the Reef area for a silent disco, at 930 they did fireworks (they called it “Kids Standard Time” after they had finished, we could leave if we wanted, but Charlie wanted to see in the New Year at LL, so we stayed to the end (along with a few others). We had such a good night, we went to our B&B and straight to bed, we didn’t wake up until around 10AM! We decided to head back to LL in the morning for a couple of hours, it was lovely and quiet again & all the rides were walk on, so we ended 2019 at LL and started 2020 there also!

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We already have a few dates in the diary, I’ll do another post soon about that, but we will be spending time at the parks again this year

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