Legoland Group Takeover

So, on Saturday 18th May we visited Legoland for the first time in 2019 and what a day / evening we had.

As you may know by now, mum and Charlie both have Merlin Annual Passes and one of our fave places to visit is Legoland

We have been looking forward to this particular day for a long time now, as in the evening we attend a passholder group takeover, so from 6pm when the park officially closed, we, along with other members of the passholder group had exclusive access to the park until 9pm

It was AWESOME, we got so many rides done, and our fave one is the new Haunted House Monster Party I’m not going to give anything away and spoil it for those that haven’t been on it yet, all I will say is that you must go on it, but be prepared for the long queue time, as it’s a brand new ride for this season, everyone wants to go on, some people on the Sunday we’re waiting for over two hours to get on it

We stayed in the Legoland hotel in the Kingdom themed room and loved it. When you do get into the room, they’re is a a sheet for the kids with a few questions on, once you have all the answers, you can get into the safe and find a prize

The hotel staff were friendly and welcoming, the food was good, what you would expect from hotel buffet food, there is a small play area just outside too, so perfect to sit outside after dinner for one last play before bed whilst parents have a well earned drink

Breakfast, again it’s buffet style and is good, lots of selection from toast and cereal, cooked, fruit and for the kids, they had pancakes and waffles too (although, I’m sure they won’t stop adults having some of that!!) the coffee is tasty. By staying in the hotel, you do benefit from half an our early entry, although not all rides are open early, some of them are, but for the ones that aren’t, it’s good for getting at the front of the queue for the more popular rides for when they do officially open.

All in all, we love Legoland and definitely worth a visit

We hope you have a good week and are looking forward to half term (already? šŸ˜‚) next week

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