So Much Fun

A fun filled few days xx

Firstly, when we visited Thorpe Park for the Passholder day the other weekend, not only did Charlie win a giant dog, but he also managed to win a giant fluffy ball in a giant claw machine! Unfortunately it got stuck!! Due to being limited staff on that day, they didn’t have someone around that could help get it out for us, so, the staff in the Shark Hotel were great, they kept a record of mum’s details and promised to email her when they could get it for us. Low and behold, a few days later mum received an email saying they had got it, Charlie was so happy.

So, Mum booked Friday off work, took a trip to the park, got a few rides in that she couldn’t normally do when she has Charlie with her and her new fave ride is Swarm!

Here is a picture of the dog and the ball!

Yesterday (Saturday 6th) we visited Paradise Wildlife Park again and had another awesome day. We played crazy golf and Charlie beat mum, he even got two hole in one’s. We spent time in the World or Dinosaurs again and got to meet Blue from Jurassic World and a baby raptor too.

Today (Sunday 7th) was spent having breakfast at Chiquito’s then heading to a football themed birthday party this morning. This afternoon, Charlie went swimming with grandad at Ongar Leisure Centre whilst mum and nanny watched, then headed for dinner with them to Wildwoods in Epping.

All in all, a fun filled few days, Charlie’s heading to Barracudas Camp for a few days (day times only) before we go away on holiday

We hope you all have a great Easter break and make some awesome memories x

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