Paradise Wildlife Park (again!!)

So, yesterday (Saturday) we headed back to Paradise Wildlife Park as mummy had bought Annual Passes for her and Charlie (I’m only a small teddy, so I get in for free!). The weather forecast wasn’t great for yesterday, so when we got their, it wasn’t that busy, but it stayed dry and at times warm.  We didn’t do the whole park, but picked out some of our favourites and event went into the National Speedway Museum which is inside the park and was a little gem. The lady inside was great, really knowledgeable, friendly and didn’t mind answering the 100’s of questions Charlie had! Here’s a couple of our fave photo’s of that part & you can even see me on the bike with Charlie.

Charlie Photo

We bought a bag of food on our way in, so headed over to the animals we could feed, we fed an Ostrich (unfortunately, mum didn’t get a photo of that as at that point our Granny & Pappy FaceTimed us from their holiday in the states!) but we fed the Alpaca’s which you can see a photo of along with the Meerkat’s that are another fave of ours, the bag of food is only a £1, so didn’t break the bank. (Just to say, we couldn’t feed the Meerkat’s)

Charlie Photo 1.JPG

Lastly, we headed back to the World of Dinosaurs section, Charlie is dinosaur mad, so loves it here. Its always a must do when you come, for the big kids as well as the little legs of the family, I think Charlie would love to have worked with dinosaurs if they were still alive today

Charlie Photo 2.JPG

We really enjoyed our time there again and can’t wait to make the most of our passes, next Saturday, we’re off to Chessington World of Adventures for the first day of the season, we have tickets (free) for the Passholder preview day, so we’re excited about that, when we renewed our passes, we renewed through Chessington and as a thank you to everyone who renewed through them, they were giving out vouchers for their Giraffe Feed, for more information on that, head over to the VIP Experience page on their website.

We hope you’ve had a great weekend, we certainly did

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