Didn’t Go Quite As Planned

Ok, so Saturday didn’t quite go as we had planned, mum was going to take me and Charlie to visit her Granny, our Great Granny Olive, but Wednesday afternoon when we got Charlie from school he said he had a sore throat, he wasn’t well, he didn’t even want to go to football training, which isn’t like him

Thursday he stayed off school, and we went round to our Granny’s house (mum’s mum) whilst Mum went into work for a couple of hours, we played for a while with our Octons Set and made some great things with it (also in the second photo you can see two of Charlie’s Monster Jam Monster Trucks)

Friday, Mum worked from home and looked after us, we had a movie night at home, made a camp bed in front of the tv, all nice and warm and cosy cuddled up to mum

Saturday, Charlie still wasn’t brilliant and made the decision not to visit (great) Granny Olive this week, but will hopefully go next week, especially as Friday she’ll be 99! So we had another quiet day, spent some time with our granny and pappy (grandad) got some fresh air in the garden and watched some Rugby too

This morning (Sunday) has been spent playing Nerf wars and playing with Charlie’s new Smashers Team Bus toy

We’re now round our other nanny & grandad’s house and currently playing with our Wood Play Workshop (not this exact one, but similar)

Although he’s not been himself, we’ve had a great weekend using our imagination and we hope you’ve had a good weekend too? X

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