Eco Friendly

Something that we are all interested in in our household is the great outdoors, we also love all sorts of animals too and one thing we don’t like is lots of rubbish!! (Whenever Charlie has a snack, the wrappers normally end up at the bottom of my bag or in a jacket pocket if there isn’t a bin around!)

Something the three of us (Me – Lollipop, mum & Charlie!) want to do is the next beach clean that the Sea Life Centre, Great Yarmouth organise, here is a link to an article about the last one they organised- Sea Life Beach Clean

This is a photo of all the rubbish they collected!

One of the things we try to do to help is use boxes like these whenever Charlie has to have a packed lunch or we go for a picnic, if you want to get your own (other styles on the website) then just go here Plastic Lunch Boxes

What do you all do to help? However small, do you use reusable items for your lunchbox, or do you compost uneaten food?

At the weekend we are going to try the Sandwich Bag Compost Experiment

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