About Us

I’ll keep this brief, but a little bit about us and our small family, there’s me – Lollipop, my Charlie and our mum (Lizzie) Charlie was born in August 2012, weighing a healthy 8lb 7oz to very proud and happy parents. Unfortunately roll on to March 29th 2014, we lost our dad (Mummy’s husband!) Simon in an aircraft crash, Charlie wasn’t even two, he still misses his dad now and cuddles one of his dads old teddies whenever he’s sad.

There has been a great book that has helped Charlie understand more about what happened and we would thoroughly recommend it for anyone else going through this, it’s called Is Daddy Coming Back In A Minute Please click the link to go to the website

The three of us have been making some awesome memories over the last year and thought it was about time we started writing about them, so please check back for updates

In the photo below the three of us (you can see me if you look carefully) enjoying Tiger Rock at Chessington World of Adventures

We are Merlin Annual Pass Holders

(Just to confirm, we are not getting paid for the links)


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